About Us

About Us

Making East-West Culture and Learning Exchange Easier

The founders of China West Exchange strongly believe that cultural immersion across continents from west to east makes the world go round. There is no better way to encourage this but by paving the path for an educational exchange program.  Through China West Exchange, the path is shorter and paved with good intentions.

It is one thing to study about other cultures in school and it is another to be surrounded by it and view it through one’s own eyes. China West Exchange grants students that opportunity by helping these young people land in renowned universities in cultural East Asia.  By partnering with China West Exchange, students can apply with ease—fewer hassles and bigger chances of success. Prospective students can also come to China West Exchange for information on visa applications, enrollment procedures, curricular programs, courses, and other student life concerns.

Simple and hassle-free process

A lot of students get discouraged from applying to foreign universities for many reasons. Most often, the lack of a bilateral agreement between universities stamps out the possibilities. Secondly, many students are left out of tight placement quotas. The only most likely option left is to apply on their own and contend with the lengthy and complicated process of enrollment.

China West Exchange offers another option, a simple hassle-free one. The people behind China West Exchange will handle the application process such as the mailing of documents and other administrative procedures.

One-stop information center

China West Exchange has a reliable information service that provides the most important details concerning studies in Asia. It does not matter what scholarly field the student is interested in; China West Exchange has something to match your queries. From curricular programs to travel arrangements, China West Exchange will serve you the information you need.