Ways to Build a Travel and Exchange Program


When students take part in an international exchange program, they can discover the culture and life of people residing in another country. As mentioned on https://rok.guide/download/ , They can also create relationships that last with their newfound families and friends. Moreover, they can learn a new language. Because of the rich experience living abroad gives, many students are inspired to work internationally.

The CSIET or Council on Standards for International Educational Travel gives high school students a chance to have safe and educational exchange experiences. Based on its standards, CSIET does a yearly evaluation of high school exchange programs. The Advisory List of Approved Programs publishes the status and utilizes it as source material for educational institutions and parents.

Here are the steps on how to build a travel and exchange program.

Register at the CSIET’s Online School Community

The online school community was introduced by the CSIET to let high schools in the USA see the value of youth exchange programs. When a school joins, it can get updated information regarding grants from the government, visa policies, and efforts on global education.

They do not need to pay any membership, and all the benefits have no charge. Nevertheless, only registered high schools in the US get a copy of the CSIET’s approved programs list.

Create a Policy on Foreign Youth Exchange

For you to have a successful program, you need to have policies. These policies can help answer some questions that may arise such as the number of exchange students the high school can host every year, the countries where the high school can accept students from, and whether or not these exchange students can earn credits from studying in another country.

School representatives and the CSIET made the Inbound Model School Policy. This is an outline for high schools that plan to make their policies on youth exchange through a PC gaming computer.

It provides the guidelines on schools that can deal with exchange students and make sure that the program becomes a success. There are also similar procedures for exchanges that are outbound.

Use the CSIET’s Resources

The CSIET has a lot of school resources that are similar to the Model School Policy. They hope that these resources can make hosting easy and rewarding. These can also be obtained from the Administering Youth Exchange Guide of the CSIET. The materials are made to assist school administrators so that they can operate exchange programs better and get the best out of the hosting.

Visiting Get Started Website of the CSIET

The website is another great source for high schools that are considering having host exchange programs. The website also gives helpful information to students who are considering studying in another country through a respected international exchange program.

The search engine of this website gives the complete list of programs approved by the CSIET and determines what programs work best for either the school or the student. After the preferences are determined, the search engine matches these to any of the programs listed to meet specific needs.


International exchange programs don’t just provide plenty of new learning opportunities for students, but they can also help them foster long-lasting relationships with fellow students from other countries. These can also open them to broader perspectives that they otherwise wouldn’t experience.

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