Things to Take Note of When Learning with Chinese Tutors

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Tutoring is a learning process wherein the Secondary School tuition (teacher) provides tutelage to the student on certain skills or subject areas. Here are some of the things you need to pay attention to when you want to learn the Chinese language with Chinese tutors.

You need to speak

The tutoring sessions are all about you, so you need to speak most of the time. During speaking, you should speak at a fast pace. It will be easier for you to master new phrases and words if you constantly use them. Moreover, committing mistakes while talking fast will also create room for improvement and correction. If you run out of words, don’t hesitate to ask your tutor for help, they are there for a reason.

You must have a sense of urgency, energy, and speed when speaking

You will be able to learn more rapidly when you speak urgently and quickly. There should not be any long pauses in your conversation. Instead, you and your tutor must be cutting each other’s statements because you have almost too many words to say.

Ask your tutor for criticism and always challenge yourself

If you are already talking too much and your tutor just agrees or simply smiles, then it is no longer considered a conversation. You must ask your tutor for rooms of improvement and don’t be overly sensitive because you may be corrected more often than expected.

Always correct your mistakes

Whenever you realized that you’ve made some mistakes, quickly address those issues to your tutor. Always think that committing mistakes is one of the means to rapidly improve. Search or ask for the correct answer and always use it immediately.

Talk more about your interests or hobbies

You may want to know more words about the things that interest you. Speaking words that you often use is a smart way to learn easily.

However, it is also highly recommended to talk about the topics you are not familiar with. It is utterly important to challenge the level of your knowledge about the Chinese language.

Gather new words and phrases and incorporate them with your current knowledge

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to gather new information for you to master the Chinese language more quickly. Collect new words and use them right away. This technique will be quite useful since in the future you won’t have your tutor with you when you speak with the Chinese people.

Hire more than one Chinese tutor

By getting multiple tutors, you can have access to a variety to easily master speaking Chinese. One tutor might have a different technique with the other tutors that you will hire. Combining their techniques and strategies will surely be advantageous to your part as a learner.


Learning any kind of new language is truly challenging. But by abiding with these tips, you will surely learn and master the Chinese language more quickly than you can anticipate. With hard work and dedication learning through tutoring will be easier for you.

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