5 Things You Should Know Before You Create a Chinese Website


Before you think of creating a Chinese version of your website, you need to really be careful of a few factors in order for your website to flourish in the Chinese market. Make sure to read this great post if you don’t want all your efforts to be but in vain, right?

As we all know, dominating the Chinese market in terms of digital technology is quite uptight as they have strict rules and regulations when it comes to digital technology compared to those in other Asian and Western countries.

Here are a few but very important things to consider before diving into the internet world in China.

Web Design

If you still haven’t noticed (or maybe you already have), Chinese websites are more colorful, flashy, and use a lot of animations. However, you can also notice the difference in their design to other websites in the Western areas — a bit disheveled at most parts. Chinese websites are a bit complicated in terms of layout and structure, while Western sites are more organized and clean.

You also need to consider the viability of the keyword search box and go easy on links and images as this takes up a lot of data or bandwidth since internet connection speed in China is not rocket-fast even if they have advanced digital technology. Make sure that the keyword search bar or your site’s navigation tool is very efficient and reliable.

Mobile-friendly Design

Mobile or smartphone users take a large part of the Chinese consumers, meaning most of their time is dedicated to using their smartphones in most of their daily ventures. That’s why it’s very important to consider your website’s design. It should also be responsive when Chinese consumers access it using their smartphones.

Great Wall of China

We’re not talking about the famous historical spot in China; instead, we’re referring to the Great Digital Firewall of China. This is a project of the Chinese government wherein they block the content of certain websites who will go against the internet rules of the government. Anything that would be a threat to China’s security or defamatory news, events, and statements that would ruin their credibility will be censored and blocked.

Hosting and CDN (Content Delivery Network)

This is also a bit crucial when building a Chinese website. There are a lot of web hosting providers outside mainland China; however, if you use one of them, it will create serious problems as it will lead to a slower loading page.

If you still choose to host your site outside of China, you might consider looking into hosting solutions in Hong Kong or Singapore as they’re nearby China. It should also be supported by a CDN located within China to help protect your site from being blocked and reduce the problem of loading speed.

Be Familiar with Your Platforms

Keep in mind that some of the biggest marketing platforms don’t exist or are not recognized in China. These include sites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Instead, they have their own counterparts which you need to explore:

  • Baidu — Google
  • Weibo — Facebook
  • Youtube — Youku

These are some major tips to consider before planning to create a Chinese website. Always remember to do your research first before planning to create your very own website.

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