What Foreign Students Say about Studying in Shanghai?

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Shanghai, China’s biggest city, has attracted a lot of young people from other countries in the West. For some European students who studied here, Shanghai has astounded them on many levels:


A lot of students from western cultures have said that Shanghai has given them a different way of seeing things. They said that because China is a big country, they learned that there is no single way to see things. After being in Shanghai, and other places in China, they realized that cultural differences in the European continent are smaller compared to the diversity they witnessed in the country.

When asked whether studying in Shanghai met their expectations, a lot of them said that it mostly exceeded their expectations. They had expected it to be different, but still, there was a lot of room for surprises.

One thing they were surprised about was the positive light that the Chinese people have cast on foreigners. Chinese, they said, like to take photos with foreigners.


The teaching methods in China, in general, were different and many foreign students found studies less time-consuming. This way, they had time to explore places within the city and its neighbors. Shanghai is a huge city; it offered them a lot of places to visit.

The students were also able to visit other places such as Beijing and Xi’an. Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain was very memorable to them.


After tasting the varied assortments of local food in China, a European student had particularly said that he thinks the Chinese really know how to make good food.

In sum, students said that being a student in China is the best way to learn about the country and its culture.

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