Welcome to China West Exchange

Welcome to China West Exchange

China West Exchange has made lengthy and complicated university admissions processes a history. With us, you can arrange your study placement on your own minus the hassle. You don’t have to contend with scholarships and bilateral agreements. Allow us to show you:

At China West Exchange, attending topnotch Asian universities only requires an eight-step procedure: select your program and university, submit the application online, get a confirmation, organize your travel, get the acceptance letter, prepare your visa, pay the tuition, and lastly, attend your university’s orientation program. It’s that quick and easy. Plus, China West Exchange will be there with you through the whole process, thanks to our reliable customer service.

We also deliver comprehensive information in every step you’ll take in realizing your dreams. From choosing your courses to getting admitted, from travel preparations until your arrival and orientation day, China West Exchange will accompany you. We have information on visa requirements and fees, as well as advice on how to get accommodation abroad.

Worried about the long months of waiting? We understand how nerve-wracking that can be. That’s why at China West Exchange, we have expedited a lot of admission processes. You’ll receive confirmations of study placement and notifications within 24 hours or up to just a week.

Because we want you to fulfill your goals and welcome you to amazing Asia, China West Exchange will help you leave your hesitation at home and just go for it.

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Benefit From Kratom

How Students Can Benefit From Kratom

Kratom has many health benefits for students and has minimal side effects. This is why this supplement is gaining popularity, especially among learners. Many brands like www.ouchclub.com are specially doing all of their business on Kratom. However, the user needs to use high-quality Kratom powder or the effects will be muted. Below are a number of ways how students can benefit from Kratom. It Enhances Energy When taken in low doses, Kratom acts as a stimulant. When feeling fatigued after a long day in class or suffering from an illness, which can drain your energy, take a little Kratom and ...
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Foreign Exchange Student

Foreign Exchange Students’ Safety

The exploitation of foreign exchange students in the United States has recently been on the rise. This has resulted in the rise of the CSFES non-profit organization which fights for the protection, safety, and welfare of foreign exchange students globally. It educates school administrators, exchange students, and their parents about the safety measures that they discuss whether instant checkmate is a scam and should undertake. CSFES outlines some measures that should be noted by both parents and foreign students such as: •    The students should not leave their homes to a foreign country without a good background check of their ...
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5 Things You Should Know Before You Create a Chinese Website

Before you think of creating a Chinese version of your website, you need to really be careful of a few factors in order for your website to flourish in the Chinese market. Make sure to read this great post if you don’t want all your efforts to be but in vain, right? As we all know, dominating the Chinese market in terms of digital technology is quite uptight as they have strict rules and regulations when it comes to digital technology compared to those in other Asian and Western countries. Here are a few but very important things to consider ...
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The Ultimate Packing List For Studying Abroad in China

It can be very difficult for students to pack for their trip when they go to study abroad. This is especially true for a country like China which is one of the largest countries in the world. It is, therefore, important to pack the right clothes, shoes, electronics and other essentials to make your study experience smooth. Dont forgot to grab some cool hoodies from https://thatshirt.com/custom/hoodies/ before you leave for China. Below is an ultimate packing list for your study in China. Clothing Bring casual clothing, but if you will be going for an internship, then you should carry professional ...
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Home Delivery Services in the Asia Pacific

The home delivery service industry in the Asia Pacific constitutes half of the market around the world. This is because of the continent’s size and the large presence of fast food companies that offer home meal delivery services as part of their service. In 2015, the total sales value of the continent was doubled compared to the second rank market which is North America. Industry leaders all agreed that the Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing and has the most potential for food delivery services. You can check Sun Basket Review & 50% off Coupon Code to know more about the ...
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Student Spies on Campus

Issue About Student Spies on Campus: How True Is It?

Security has always been a big issue in most countries, especially since the internet has made access to information much easier if you’re a skilled hacker. Academic institutions, in particular, are very susceptible to surveillance done by spies from other countries. This is usually done so that countries may get access to data from their neighboring countries, so it’s actually not surprising if there are spies that survey students on campus. According to Thesekidsrock.com, it’s more than just spying on text messages – it’s surveying what kind of technology they use and the activities they do. Is it all true ...
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Public Speaking with CBD Oil

The fear of public speaking, also known as Glossophobia, is a form of social anxiety disorder that affects a considerable amount of individuals. Most people freak out when giving a speech or making a presentation before an audience or a large group. When this happens, they are likely to sweat excessively, shake, and feel anxious. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to breath and your mind completely goes blind. In order to determine the impact of CBD Oil on the fear of public speaking, a study was done. This involved giving some participants CBD before they faced an audience while ...
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Boost Your Brain Power

Study Tips: How to Boost Your Brain Power

Whether you are a student or a working professional, boosting brain power is the goal of almost every individual. Keeping your brain healthy is vital as it gives you a strong memory. Just like our bodies, the brain also requires some training in order to perform effectively. From the Reviewing This’s point of view, there are a number of ways that can support your brain health and enhance brain power. Below are some useful tips on how to naturally boost your brain power. Exercise Regularly It has been proven that doing exercise regularly helps increase the brain function and enhance neurogenesis ...
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Basic Things You Should Know About Asian Culture

Encountering cultural differences is expected by anyone who visits a foreign country. Despite knowing a lot about Asia from the news or television shows, still, Asian countries can surprise you. Navigating cultural differences can be tough and often requires a balancing act to try not to offend or be offended.  As you are planning to visit and study in Asia, it is important to pack some general knowledge about differences in Western and Asian cultures. Eastern and Western Philosophies Social psychologist Richard Nisbett, author of The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently...and Why has succinctly described the ...
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What Foreign Students Say about Studying in Shanghai?

Shanghai, China’s biggest city, has attracted a lot of young people from other countries in the West. For some European students who studied here, Shanghai has astounded them on many levels: Cultural A lot of students from western cultures have said that Shanghai has given them a different way of seeing things. They said that because China is a big country, they learned that there is no single way to see things. After being in Shanghai, and other places in China, they realized that cultural differences in the European continent are smaller compared to the diversity they witnessed in the ...
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6 Reasons to be a Student in China

“Committed, ambitious, and vital.” These were the three words that Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, and philanthropist, used to describe China in his interview with Telegraph. For him, China has an indispensable role in helping solve the world’s health and development problems. Asia’s tiger is snatching the world’s attention, too, with the country’s rising economy which everyone expects to overtake the US. China, as a country, has a lot to offer to the world. Its story as the world’s most populated country or as one of the world’s most ancient country are some of the reasons why you should be a ...
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